Thursday, July 6, 2021

Chairman Message

Prof . Dr. Deen Mohd. Noorul huq

Although the Eye service has progressed in Bangladesh, it has not progressed so far at the district level. Specialy In Kishoreganj district, eye care services could not be provided properly. The people of Kishoreganj bhati areas of nadi nala and Haor areas are generally deprived of medical services, especially eye care services. Although a private and NGO eye hospital is operating in the district, it is not able to maintain the right quality and provide eye services to the huge poor population. Deen Mohammad Group has been thinking of doing something about the medical services of these hoar dwellers for a long time. Deen eye Hospital is the output of all those thoughts. Deen Eye Hospital (DEH) opened its door for eye health care services at Kishoreganj for providing quality and affordable eye care services for 3.5 million population of Kishoreganj district in rural Bangladesh.

I hope that Deen Eye Hospital will improve in the future.

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